How can I reset my password?

We do not support password resets. All your passwords are encrypted with your master password, and you are the only person in the world who knows that.

If we had a mechanism to reset your password then we could reset it to something we know, and then unlock all your passwords. That would be wildly unsafe, so we don't support resets.

The only option we can offer

My email isn't arriving?

When you have been invited make sure to type your mail exactly as in the invite. That includes upper and lower case letters.

If that still doesn't work check your spam folder. We do occasionally get classified as spam, especially on larger providers like GMail.

Are you qualified?

Between us we have 20+ years of experience, having worked at large (Google) and small (startups, agencies) places. We are also already running high-availability servers for our customers. Adding another server is fairly easy.

Is Passopolis secure?

We inherited the design from Mitro which we believe to be very secure after a thorough reading. Secrets never leave your browser unencrypted, and our server never sees anything other than encrypted data.

We are also following modern security practices for our server for a defense in depth.

Will Passopolis stay free?

Passopolis will stay free for individual use, but it is likely that we'll start charging for teams to offset some of our development and maintenance costs.

The pricing will be very competitive, especially for small teams because we feel that wider use of a password managers should be encouraged.

Is Passopolis open source?

Yes. We split the original Mitro repository into an extension and a server repository, and already started fixing bugs here.